Sunday, 3 April 2016

Hi, I'm Helen and I'm 16
I live on the England welsh border and I'm a moth trapper. I love nature and would love to work in ecology or conservation when I finish college. This blog ids for all the moths and other nature i see and I'll try to keep up to date but I might update some sightings a while after I see them as I have a lot of school work to do at the moment. Hope you enjoy :)

3rd April 2016
A bit rainy last night but we still had a good turn out from our moth trap

March moth (1)
Clouded drab (5)
Hebrew character (19)
Common Quaker (13)
Pin-spotted quaker (1)
Small Quaker (4)
Chestnut (1)
Brindled pug (2)
Oak beauty (2)
Caddice fly spe. (2)

(PS if anyone knows how to get photos on to this please could you tell me cause I can't work it out, I'm doing it from a phone)

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